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List of Wildlife Rehabilitators in Your Area

DEC Rehabilitator List. This is where you can search for wildlife rehabilitators that operate near you. Donations are appreciated.

Animal Control

Often we receive calls for animal control rather than for wildlife control. The difference being, we hold a license to control wildlife, not domesticated animals such as cats and dogs. Below are links to Animal Control Officers that can handle your situation.

Bethlehem Animal Control

Government Agencies

We are licensed by the New York State Department of Environmental and Conservation. As a licensed and certified wildlife removal professional, removal of bats to raccoons is what we do best. Re-application of a nuisance wildlife control operator’s license is required annually along with a log of the critters we capture. Contact them if you have any question about the laws and regulations pertaining to the environment.

Nonprofit Organizations

North Country Wildcare is a nonprofit group that helps rescue abandoned or injured wildlife. We have donated to this organization because they have rehabilitated animals that we have found injured or orphaned from their parents.

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