We Offer Emergency Services 24/7

What IS considered an EMERGENCY call?

  • An unexpected visitor that has come down through your chimney/in through a window that has entered your living space. (ex. a raccoon, bird, bat, or other wild animal)
  • A bat or bird flying around within your living space. (Bats CAN carry rabies, don’t try to catch it yourself!)
  • Squirrels or other wild animals walking/running around freely within your living space.
  • Any type of bird or mammal that has unexpectedly invaded your living space. Especially those deemed Rabies Vector Species: bats, fox, skunks, raccoons – you need a professional!

*An emergency call generates the arrangement of a technician (and one of the HVW owners!) to either leave a job site they are currently working on OR leave their homes/families to come assist you at any hour.*

If you are in need of EMERGENCY services outside business hours, please call our emergency hotline: 1-855-SOS-BATS (767-2287).

raccoon inside a chimney in Albany, NY
fireplace opened from inside by raccoon
baby raccoon found inside a chimney in Albany, NY

Hudson Valley Wildlife offers emergency services for wildlife that unexpectedly enter your living space, such as a raccoon entering your home through your chimney. You can read about the raccoon removals we completed in Loudonville and Albany to learn more.

What would NOT be considered an EMERGENCY?

  • Hearing noises in your walls, chimney or attic spaces.
  • Noticing activity in your basement/attic such as droppings, things being chewed up, other messes by critters.
  • Seeing wild animals outside your home/ in the outdoors.
  • Finding a deceased animal on your property.

*HOWEVER, we do still want to offer you service options for these non-emergency-related issues! Please call us during our open office hours so we can offer you a regularly scheduled inspection of any of the above problems you are having. We will be happy to find you a space on our schedule and assist you!*

Contact Hudson Valley Wildlife for non-emergency wildlife services during our office hours (Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 2 PM) at 518-512-0400.

Let us help. Contact Hudson Valley Wildlife Solutions today!