Removing Raccoons from an Attic in Albany, New York

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We recently received a call from a homeowner in Albany, New York. They reported hearing noises from their ceiling, including scratching and squeaking. Upon an inspection of the home, we found a female raccoon and her kits within the attic area of the house. The mother was able to access the attic from a very thin opening in the attic vent that had not been screened off.

interior of an attic inside a suburban home

Our practice is to always start with the least invasive wildlife removal option. This reduces the environmental impact on the wild animals. Since we had a female raccoon and her young to relocate, we chose to apply a product to the attic called Raccoon Eviction.

Raccoon Eviction: A Non-Evasive Raccoon Removal Solution

Raccoon Eviction fluid is a natural by-product made from male raccoon glands. Male raccoons are predators to female raccoons during the birthing period, because they see their offspring as a threat. The fluid will attract male raccoons rather than repel them, so it should only be used when you’re certain you’re dealing with a female raccoon.

Raccoon Eviction is quite effective at driving female raccoons out of your attic or chimney. When Raccoon Eviction is applied in a den area, the mother senses that a danger to her young is nearby. She will often move her young to a new location within 48 hours.

After applying Raccoon Eviction in the Albany home’s attic, we set up a trail camera to see what would happen. It turns out the mother raccoon disappeared for an overnight, but then returned to her babies in the attic, as seen in the video clip above. We then see her peeking out of the attic vent.

Professional and Humane Raccoon Trapping and Relocation

Wild animals do not always cooperate as we expect; they are wild after all. In cases like this where the mother raccoon was unfazed by Raccoon Eviction, a more invasive approach is sometimes needed. For this Albany homeowner’s peace of mind, we used a humane trap to catch and relocate her.

female raccoon in trap on Albany NY rooftop

Neil was successful in trapping the raccoon with the use of sardines as bait. She was not interested in the sardines at first (as seen in the video), but ultimately, the trap worked. Her kits will then be removed and the whole family will be moved off the homeowner’s premises, far from other potential attic dens. We will relocate them to an undisclosed location, ensuring peace and safe access to nature.

Why Raccoon Removal Should Always Be Done By A Professional

Remember that raccoons are a Rabies Vector Species animal. Along with foxes, skunks, and bats, they are the primary causes of rabies virus spread in the United States. While trapping and relocating may sound like an easy DIY procedure, you are putting yourself at great risk of being bitten and exposed to rabies!

Always call upon a professional to handle raccoon removal! Hudson Valley Wildlife is available to provide humane and efficient wildlife removal services throughout New York’s Capital Region and Upper Hudson Valley. Call us 24/7 at 518-512-0400.

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