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The city of Albany, NY is home to many types of wildlife that are inhabiting right under your nose. The brick buildings harbor many bats and the limited trees forces the large population of squirrels to live in the comfort of your warm and dry attic. Skunks found dry living areas under your deck or sheds.

Bat Removal in Albany

In Albany, there are a lot of brick buildings. The cool temperatures of the surface allow bats to regulate their body temperatures during the hot months of summer. It also allows them to climb and cling onto while they roost and hibernate during the winter. With many small cervices in the structure of a brick building, it not only provides them shelter, but protection from predator such as raccoons from picking them off like apples on a tree!

Squirrel Removal in Albany

Squirrels are very well populated in Albany because of amount of food, shelter and the lack of predators in the area. Bird feeder that are not yours but of your neighbors allow them to thrive during the cold winter months. After they gather and consume from the feeder, they take advantage of your dry and most importantly, the warm attic of the house. Even the insulation is like pillows that allows them to rest comfortably and sleep in peace.

Skunk Removal in Albany

Skunks are on top of the food chain since their natural predators are not very well populated in Albany. Their free range includes digging holes in your lawns to sniff out grubs, living under your deck or shed and spraying you dog to kick them out of their “territory”. But at times, the smell of a skunk may not be a skunk at all. Opossums are capable in tolerating their smell and can also hibernate with them. But at the end, it will be the skunk that usually takes over and stays under your deck or shed.

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Wildlife is very comfortable in living in Albany. With the lack of predators and the security of your home, why would they leave and live in the cold, wet forests? To schedule an inspection, please call our office toll free at 855.767.2287 or 855.SOS.BATS or email us at [email protected]. Our local Albany, NY phone number is 518.512-0400. In Albany, NY, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Past Services for Bat Removal in Albany, NY

In August of 2014, we performed a routine bat emergency call. The description of the problem was a bat flying in circles within a bedroom during the morning. We were quick to respond to the issue and searched for up to an hour until we finally found the bat inside of a plastic storage case. It turned out to be a big brown bat that found its way from the attic. Having the opportunity to inspect the property, we observed numerous entry points that was located along the roof line and near the chimney perimeter. Our goal in solving this particular bat issue, was to install our 1-way doors over the entry points in order to let the bat escape and not allow them to return to their roosting areas.

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