Wildlife Control | Bethlehem, Slingerlands, Delmar, NY

On the banks of the Normans Kill and the Hudson River where Henry Hudson himself is thought to have made landfall lies the small historic town of Bethlehem. With a diverse variety of habitats ranging from fast moving creeks to slow plodding river waters; wetlands, forests, and cliffs this pocket of New York holds all kinds of wildlife looking to make a home. Combine that with densely populated rural areas and you’re bound to end up with conflict. Squirrels and bats making racket in attic spaces through the wee hours of the night, skunks burrowing under porches and making unpleasant odors for a 20’ radius around your house, we’ve seen it all. We’re no stranger to the streets of Delmar, Selkirk, and Slingerlands, and we’ve done work for many residents in the area as well as local churches and municipalities.

How Wildlife Gets Into Houses

Many of the buildings in Bethlehem date back hundreds of years. Some are built on stone foundations. Some of the church steeples this town stood before the inception of many of the surrounding towns themselves. Areas like these are open invitations to wildlife. Church steeples can often host hundreds of bats. Stone foundations are often old, and deteriorated making them very susceptible to mice, squirrels, rats, and other ground dwelling mammals. Calling us before things like this become a problem is often the most cost effective way of handling animals around your home. If, however, you already have an infestation, we can solve it and give you piece of mind that it will never return.

Wildlife Control In Your Attic

Even newer homes sometimes have wildlife problems. As people build more and more and suburban and urban sprawl continues to claim more habitat, we are finding more instances where the wildlife try to utilize residential structures as shelter. Bethlehem and its hamlets comprises of almost entirely residential communities with very little commercial and industrial zones. The quiet atmosphere and abundant food resources make these neighborhoods prime targets for adaptable animals like skunks and raccoons. These animals are known to knock over garbage cans, dig up lawns and flower beds, and be a downright nuisance. You do not have to sit idly by while these creatures muck up the neighborhood.

Bethlehem, Slingerlands, Delmar Wildlife Removal Contact Information and Hours

With a variety of trapping and prevention options, we come prepared to handle a variety of wildlife in a fashion specifically tailored to the neighborhood you live in, and with 24 hour emergency services we’re prepared to help anytime, day or night. Call us today to set up an inspection on your property to see what we can do to help keep your home or investment safe and pleasant to live or work in. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 855.767.2287 or 855.SOS.BATS. Our hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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