Wildlife Control and Removal | Coxsackie, NY

The town of Coxsackie, NY is home to an abundant amount of habitat for wildlife to thrive on. With many fields, forests and the nearby river, there is plenty of food and resources for wildlife to remain steady throughout the years. But as soon as animals such as bats and squirrels, realize that your home is more comfortable to live in, they will start chewing their way into your attic or under your deck.

Our company has performed bat removal and control on a few homes in this historic town. The brick homes are particularly easy to climb on and into the attic. The foundation is sometimes made out of stones, where there may be many holes for squirrel to gain access through. We would install our exclusive traps directly over these holes when we perform any sort of squirrel removal and control tasks.

The wide open fields and forests throughout Coxsackie, provide habitat for many skunks raccoons and opossums. But once they find how dry it is under your deck or shed, they will usually dig a hole underneath to take advantage of the living conditions. Again, our company will install a trap directly over the entry point to produce a 100% trapping rate when it comes to our skunk or raccoon removal and control services.

The river is the main reason why there is a population of bats in the area. The wetlands and small tributaries that lead into the Hudson River make great habitat for the many insects bats forage on. This also give a resource for medium sized wildlife, such as skunks and raccoons because at times, they will dig up your lawn to find grubs and other insects to eat.

Overall, wildlife in Coxsackie is very healthy and abundant because of the food resources from the river, places to live in old and historic buildings and the vast open fields and forest, in which they came from. Get rid of squirrels, bats and other wildlife by calling us anytime and we can perform an inspection to solve your wildlife issue you may be dealing with!

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