Woodchuck Trapping and Removal in East Greenbush

Woodchuck removal in East Greenbush
For Woodchucks/groundhogs we offer a five day humane cage trapping. Groundhogs are a member of the rodent family. The average woodchuck weighs around 11 pounds, and despite their stocky bodies, they are surprisingly quick and agile. Woodchucks are exceptional diggers and can create havoc and destruction towards your home.
Groundhogs may look like cute and cuddly animals but don’t let that fool you! They will tear apart your shed/deck to create their burrow and wreck your home garden. As shown in this picture from a homeowners house in East Greenbush, a family of woodchucks decided to tear and dig under their porch where they not only caused damage to their aluminum flashing, but also to the porch. We were called to do a five day trapping service to remove their problem and prevent any other animals from living underneath their shed. Woodchucks are prolific diggers; their extensive burrowing can undermine foundations, porches, decks, and sheds. This burrowing can lead to serious structural damage, potentially compromising the safety and stability of buildings and requiring costly repairs.
This homeowner also had a very bountiful home garden that they had spent many hours on. The woodchucks decided to have a buffet in this garden. Woodchucks can eat up to 1.5lb of vegetation a day- needless to say, the vegetation was eaten quickly. In this situation there were 5 woodchucks living underneath the shed and porch. We were able to successfully trap and relocate all woodchucks to a safe and undisclosed heavily wooded location about an hour away from the homeowners location. The homeowner was very happy with our services and was pleased that she could enjoy her home garden and relax by her pool without having to worry about woodchucks anymore. We also prevented other species like skunks from living under the homeowners house by trenching and screening a foot down and a foot out, which completely seals off and protects the area.

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