Woodchucks in Niskayuna

caged woodchuck

We offer a humane cage trap trapping solution for woodchucks. Woodchucks, groundhogs, and whistlepigs are all names for the same rodent, a rodent considered a marmot and our most common trapping call/inquiry. While they are seemingly cute standing up on their hind legs and chewing various ground grasses, clover, and eating your garden vegetables, they can cause havoc to your property.

Woodchuck Damage Can Be Serious

Aside from being what most consider a garden pest that will eat your vegetable garden, one single woodchuck can have an underground burrow tunnel up to 60 feet long! They can tunnel under foundations and other structures leaving the ground below shaky and unstable, including your home’s foundation. Over time, the foundation can collapse/become uneven/crumble because of woodchuck tunneling. They usually maintain multiple tunnels with entrances and exit points creating a maze of unstable ground below.

Humane Groundhog Removal

This particular property in Niskayuna, NY was one such property. Having noticed the labyrinth of tunnels through the yard, the homeowner became concerned about both his backyard pool and the foundation of his house. The property owners reported seeing two woodchucks roaming about the outside space. The property had a steep, approximate 45 degree embankment with entry holes. Woodchucks tend to favor embankments because they offer a place safe from predators. It also becomes an extra challenging place to trap! Neil dug into the embankment area to rest a humane trap and also set 4-5 other cage traps at other holes around the property. The very first day of trap set up, one groundhog did find his way into the trap for a bait snack. We are finding their favorite snack to entice them into the cage trap is cilantro! Woodchuck number one was transported an hour away from the homeowners property to a fully wooded, undisclosed location. On the third day of trapping, using a banana, the other woodchuck made his way into the trap and was also relocated. The homeowner was very pleased that we were able to trap and relocate his target suspects!

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