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Wildlife Removal and Control Professionals

We take pride in resolving a variety of nuisance wildlife you may encounter, whether it is removal of bats in your attic or skunk removal from under your backyard deck. As certified and college educated technicians, we not only guarantee to solve your problems, but also give you peace of mind that you won't have another issue. Call us anytime at (855) SOS-BATS!

Major cities of New York we service includes:

Albany, NYSaratoga Springs, NYSchenectady, NY
Troy, NYRhinebeck, NYWoodstock, NY
Coxsackie, NYCatskill, NYBethlehem, NY


 Featured Article:

5 tips for preventing wildlife from becoming a nuisance in your house

by Neil Tregger

Most people feel they will never have a problem with wildlife until they hear a noise above their heads at 2-o-clock in the morning. The constant scratching and running around of critters will give people sleepless nights, prompting them to bang on the ceiling and walls. In this article I will give a few tips onto identifying areas where most wildlife gain access to the attic as well as sealing the home with materials from any local hardware store.


  • Vivienne S.

    I was writing a paper at 3am, and I noticed something flying acrossed my head. At first, I thought it was a bird, but it turned out to be a BAT! It freaked...read more

  • Colleen F.

    I found a bat in my bed room at 2 AM. My husband was out of town and I was hysterical. I trapped the bat in the bed room. The next morning I called HVWS and...read more