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We take pride in resolving a variety of nuisance wildlife you may encounter, whether it is removal of bats in your attic or skunk removal from under your backyard deck. As certified and college educated technicians, we not only guarantee to solve your problems, but also give you peace of mind that you won't have another issue. Call us anytime at (855) SOS-BATS! Our local office number is 518.935.5708.

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Inspections are the first step in getting rid of your wildlife infestation. We start by exploring the problem areas or places where you are hearing the noises. For most customers, it’s usually above their heads while they are trying to sleep. If the attic is accessible, we will bring our flash lights in search for any kind of evidence that corresponds to the species of wildlife that is causing the noises in your attic. The type of evidence that we look for are:

  • Feces
  • Nesting materials
  • Holes that is leading to the outside of your house

After understanding the species of wildlife that is being a nuisance to you, our next step is to identify all the possible entry points that they have access to. Ladders are always attached to our trucks so we would inspect your entire roofline. The areas where we identified their nests are almost always close to their main entry hole. This is key in solving your nuisance wildlife issue, since we will be able to install a 1-way trap directly over the hole in order to capture the target animal and NOT just a neighboring squirrel from across the street. As we examine the roof, the common areas that we look for into identifying possible entry points, are:

  • Attic vents – some screens are made out of nylons and are vulnerable to chewing
  • Roof intersections – gaps can be found between two roofs or structures
  • Chimney – sides of the chimney and the lack of a chimney cap can lead wildlife entering your living room
  • Vulnerable or rotten wood – squirrels are notorious in chewing through soft wood
  • Corners of the house – Usually were the gutter sprout is located, gives squirrels and easy ladder to climb onto your house

After completing these steps, we would then write a proposal to solve your nuisance wildlife issue. The process is very straight forward and will take at most, one week to complete. Our work would include:

  • Trapping – and removal service
  • Daily trap checks – in order to modify and re-position or re-bait (except for bats)
  • Sealing – of all potential entry points
  • Guarantee – length depending on price

Squirrel Removal from your Attic (Winter Season)

For this time of season, squirrels are always trying to find the most comfortable places to nest for the winter. Attics provide heat, latrine and shelter from the snow and rain. It is very common for them to act in a bold behavior by chewing a hole through vulnerable areas of your house. The species of squirrel can be recognized by the types of noises you observe.

Gray Squirrel: They are daytime creature thus, will have the same patterns as most people. They will wake up in the morning and exit the house to forge upon nuts and grains. They will continue to make noises as they return into your attic, and defecate and urinate upon a section of your insulation and nest on another part. If nothing is done in a year or so, the integrity of the insulation will be totally compromised and worthless.

Red Squirrel: Also daytime creatures, they are not as common as the grays. The most red squirrels in a house hold will be up to 1-2. The difference between the grays is that red squirrel can find ways into the house from the foundation. They are also smaller and can fit through a hole the size of a golf ball.

Flying Squirrel: These critters are nocturnal and our customers have described them sounding like “party of squirrels all night long!”  Flying squirrels are the only community squirrels in the Hudson Valley. Their population per house hold can average between 8-12 squirrels. They are in fact the most abundant squirrel in North America. Some people have never seen one before because of the fact that they are only active during the night. The most difficult part about flyers is that they can squeeze into a hole that is the size of a quarter.

To learn more about squirrels, please visit our Squirrel Removal page. You will learn more about their tendencies and our methods of solving and removing these pests! For squirrel removal in Albany, NY please visit our Squirrel Removal Albany, NY page.

Bat Removal and Control from your Attic (Winter Season)

Bats are not very active during the winter BUT when they are sick or if there is a warm period of time, they may wake up temporally. At times, bats will find their way into your warm house from the attic in search of insects to consume. These were not able to store enough fat for the winter, which is why they woke up early. Our team is always on call 24/7 if you are in need of help.

Noises from bats are very isolated thus can be distinguished from rodents, where they would travel around in your attic. They are nestled between your sheet rock and insulation in order to maintain a proper body temperature for hibernation.

Please visit our Bat Removal page to learn more about them and how our company can solve your bat infestation.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

 5 star ratingsSquirrel and Bat Removal ~ Clifton Park, NY
"I would highly recommend Neil and Matt. They rid our home of flying suirrels, bats, chipmunks and mice (we moved into a wildlife zoo!). They are extremely knowledgable about wildlife and very professional to work with. They always come when they say they will and keep coming back until the wildlife problem is taken care of. They are easy to talk to and so nice to work with. It has been two years since we first hired them and they come back without any questions whenever we call them to check on things. It is definitely worth paying a little extra for the extended warranty!"
Bat and Squirrel Removal
5 / 5 stars

Review from our Facebook Page

 5 star ratingsWildlife Removal ~ Voorhessville, NY
"Neil and Matt went above and beyond when we called for a dead animal removal. They went through the crawlspace until they found the source, removed it (and the horrible smell), and also pest proofed the whole house. All the while, they were very responsive to any and all of our concerns, and were always prompt, professional, and courteous. They have given us piece of mind, and we would definitely recommend them for any wildlife issues you have, or want to prevent from having."
Wildlife Removal
5 / 5 stars

Review from our Google+ Page

 5 star ratingsFlying Squirrel Removal ~ Willow, NY
"Neil and Matt did a terrific job ridding my house of flying squirrels. They're not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. They show up on time, return when promised, do a thorough job, clean up after themselves, and guarantee their work. They both have wildlife management degrees and Matt is a former carpenter, so they can handle just about everything themselves. They're professional and very nice guys."
Flying Squirrel Removal
5 / 5 stars

Review from our Facebook page.

 5 star ratings Bat Removal ~ Troy, NY
"I found a bat in my bed room at 2 AM. My husband was out of town and I was hysterical. I trapped the bat in the bed room. The next morning I called HVWS and spoke to Matt. All I wanted was to have someone come and get the bat and have it tested for rabies. Matt was incredibly nice and very knowledgable. He arrived right on time and immediately found the bat and took it away. Such a life saver. I hope I never have another bat in the house again, but if I do, I will call HVWS. Great job!"
Bat Removal
5 / 5 stars

Review from our Yelp page

For more google reviews, please visit our google+ page.

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5 tips for preventing wildlife from becoming a nuisance in your house

by Neil Tregger

Most people feel they will never have a problem with wildlife until they hear a noise above their heads at 2-o-clock in the morning. The constant scratching and running around of critters will give people sleepless nights, prompting them to bang on the ceiling and walls. In this article I will give a few tips onto identifying areas where most wildlife gain access to the attic as well as sealing the home with materials from any local hardware store.


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