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Dealing with a bat problem in your home can prove to be very complicated. There are many factors to consider, from finding every potential entry point to removing hazardous fungi. Even the time of year can impact what a wildlife removal company is able to do. At Hudson Valley Wildlife Solutions, we are experts in conducting efficient and humane bat removals and home repairs throughout the Capital Region and upper Hudson Valley at any time of year.

Signs of a Bat Problem in Your Attic

When we were hired to inspect a home in Albany, the homeowner told us that she had a bat in her house, and has had a few over the years. We began with an inspection of her attic, and quickly found evidence of bats. The homeowners had screened the attic vents with wire mesh, but the screening was breached, and the bats had created an entry point. There were very few cobwebs around the vent, which meant that wild animals were moving through it too frequently for cobwebs to form.

Hudson Valley Wildlife inspects a damaged attic vent in Albany, NY

The bat entered and exited the attic through where the screen was falling off the attic vent.

On the opposite end of the attic, the other screen was falling off of the attic vent. This appeared to be the preferred entry point for the bat because its latrine area was nearby. There was a bit of bat guano on the wall around the attic vent and on the floor of the attic. Luckily for the homeowner, a significant and costly cleanout would not be needed. This particular bat had not been in the house for a very long time.

Potential Risks Associated with a Bat Infestation

The most significant risk from having bats in your home is the threat of disease, including rabies and histoplasmosis. Most researchers estimate the occurrence of rabid bats is well under 5% of the general population, but that small chance is still a danger to your family. Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by a fungus that grows on bat guano. It can cause serious health complications if not addressed. This home in Albany was not in danger of developing the fungus at this point, but it could grow if we did not address the problem.
The bats’ latrine area can also damage your home. Bat guano and urine are very acidic and can deteriorate insulation and framing over time. The latrine can also serve as a catalyst in oxidation on the nails, screws, and metal flashings around your house. Luckily for our homeowner, the latrine area was not causing damage to any metal in the attic. Besides fixing the attic vent screen, no other repairs were needed at this point.

How to Spot Wildlife Entry Points in Your Home

After inspecting the house’s exterior, we showed the homeowner where the bat was coming in from the outside. There were many potential entry points besides the attic vents. In the fascia boards under the roof of her garage, there were gaps large enough for a bat to fit inside. We fixed this by caulking the holes where the fascia boards meet the brick of her home’s exterior. The caulk blends in and prevents wild animals from chewing through the boards to get inside.

There were some spots on the home where the fascia board was too far away from the brick to seal with caulk. In these cases, we insert some screening to cover the holes and then caulk over them. We use galvanized hardware cloth, an especially strong type of wire mesh, as a durable screen. At Hudson Valley Wildlife Solutions, we arrive prepared for all kinds of home repairs.

the fascia boards on the house's exterior were a potential entry point

These fascia boards above the garage were another potential entry point for wildlife.

Important Considerations for Bat Removal Solutions

Due to the time of year, we were unable to immediately complete the full removal job. New York State regulates bat removal services between May 15th and August 15th every year. This is the time of year where mother bats are nursing their newborn offspring. We do not want to endanger the baby bats by disrupting their home area. This may separate them from their mothers while they are too young to fly or survive on their own.

What we are able to do during this period is repair the entry points that bats are not currently using. At every inspection, we take a thorough look at your home to ensure it is protected from new wildlife infestations. The homeowner could have chosen to leave the holes over the garage open since the bats were not currently using them. But this would likely lead to other species of wildlife using the entry points instead. You may call us about bats, but we want to keep all wild animals out of your home. We make sure to take a thorough look at possible vulnerable spots.

After August 15th has passed, we can install a one-way door over the remaining active entry point. This allows the bats to fly out but not re-enter the home. It’s a humane solution that is also more efficient than trying in vain to remove every individual bat. Once we are certain that all the bats have left the attic, we remove the one-way door and permanently enclose the hole it left behind. You can count on Hudson Valley Wildlife for guaranteed bat removal services to protect your home for years to come.

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