Squirrel Removal and Control Windham, NY

Many of our customers that experiences squirrel infestations, describe the noises as if they are having a party in the attic. What they are actually doing is maintaining their personal nests and creating latrines within the fiberglass insulation of your attic. As the issue progresses, so will the damage caused by the squirrels.

Some examples are:

  • Chewed up wires may short out any electrical features in your house
  • Soiled insulation will increase the heat loss throughout your attic.

In Windham, NY, we are trained in trapping the squirrels and sealing the holes permanently. Contact us to set up an inspection. Call Toll Free: 855.767.2287 or 518.697.9066.

For more information about squirrel removal and control, please visit out squirrel page here.

Let us help. Contact Hudson Valley Wildlife Solutions today!

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